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"Is it bad to have an unhealthy diet, smoke marijuana, and drink beer daily since a young teen?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad to have an unhealthy diet, smoke marijuana, and drink beer daily since a young teen?


I only eat meat and like frozen things a fast food and only drink beer and soda and I have done so for 5 years. I am 18 am I going to be unhealthy and fat later or what


That is an excellent question. The diet and lifestyle that you describe certainly would be what most doctors would consider unhealthy and it is advisable that you see your primary care physician as well as a dietician as what you are describing is not healthy and will lead to many issues as you get older. Drinking beer can have a great deal of calories, smoking marijuana can affect your mood and drive, and eating fast food and frozen meals are usually high in sodium and fat content. I strongly urge you to improve your diet and lifestyle because this can be causing damage to your heart, brain and may lead to several problems as you age. What are the causes that you eat the way that you do and have an unhealthy lifestyle? Do you have feelings of depression? Sometimes, depression can manifest itself with poor diet and drug use. Other causes could be poor lifestyle choices learned from others (parents, friends, etc). Whatever the cause, when we are young, these unhealthy lifestyle choices do not manifest themselves as seriously as when you get older, and at that time it is much harder to correct these habits. Please speak with your doctor.

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