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"What is the solution for my oily face skin? I have pimples and wrinkles."

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the solution for my oily face skin? I have pimples and wrinkles.


HI, AGE = 30 GENDER = MALE My name is Bilal ,i am living in karachi pakistan, my face skin is oily and day by day i feel like my skin is having pimples,acne and wrinkles and also having aging skin issues . i am using face Mistine acne clear face wash ,clean & clear cleasner and clean &clear toner. I used to wash my face again and again but it seems like that i have a skin of 60 years old man with red circle and pimples. Please give me the best solution. i was taking soft gel REVIN NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT daily ,but due to which my digestive system disturbs and that is why i stop taking that tablets.


Sorry to hear about your concerns. It can be very difficult to manage oily skin, as it can be on display to all the world at all times. The best suggestion for someone such as yourself who has already attempted some over the counter medications without much success is to speak with a physician. He or she may be able to help you immediately with some suggestions. One of the most common medications, for some people that need extra help, that is prescribed to help with oily and aging skin is a variant of retinoids that can be titrated to the appropriate dose that you may need. Depending on other problems that you may have, antibiotic medications and other creams and moisturizers may be necessary to help your skin achieve optimal health and cosmetics. Obviously, all of this will depend on a physical examination and complete medical history, as there are many reasons that you may need different treatment to achieve excellent results. Working closely with a physician, specifically a dermatologist, will allow you to know if it is safe for you to begin a new medication, and if that is the right thing for you. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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