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"I am having bad constipation problems, what should I do?"


.for the last three weeks it has been very hard to have a bowel movement have had only one bowel movement per day and it has been very small . have tried laxative pills drank lots of water and eat fiber bars does not help alot what do I do.


There are definitely some things you can do to help out with your constipation. There are many treatment options that I can briefly discussed below. The most important thing is to figure out why you're having this constipation and I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

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The first thing that I would want to know is what medications you're taking it home. Certain types of medications, most especially narcotic pain medications, can be major culprits in causing constipation. There are also conditions of the gastrointestinal tract that can cause constipation. Probably the most common is irritable bowel syndrome. Also constipation can occur just because of poor diet or inadequate fiber intake. It can also occur though because of too much fiber intake. So far it sounds like you're doing some of the right things which include taking an lots of water and consuming a healthy (moderate) amount of fiber. Stool softeners and stimulants such as Colace, Senna, MiraLAX, and lactulose are also helpful in making sure that you have normal bowel movements if you're constipated. Again, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with the gastroenterologist for further consultation. He or she will know what type of work up is necessary to figure out why you are becoming constipated. In addition you could get recommendations for treatment options.

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