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"My mom is 68 years old her hemoglobin is around 8.4 and ESR is 106, what should we do?"

ZocdocAnswersMy mom is 68 years old her hemoglobin is around 8.4 and ESR is 106, what should we do?


we had a tumor marker test and hcg level was 7.5 ,5.5 was normal ranger so a little on the higher side and Thyroglobulin was 65, 60 is the limit what can the cause be rest all tumor markers were within range kidney and liver are fine no blood in stool or urine tests either Tb gold was negative her iron is barely over the limit what can the cause be cause of high ESR


Thank you for your question. There are many possible explanations for the labs that you are describing, which is why it is so important to be able to ask these questions to a physician that you have an established relationship with. For example, a low hemoglobin, which is usually referred to as anemia by doctors, can indicate many possibilities. It could be that your mother is losing blood, or it could be that she is not making blood as fast as she needs to be. Additionally, it could indicate that there is some other process that is affecting the number of red blood cells that she has. The ESR is a measure of inflammation, to oversimplify the lab, and is usually used as a maker that there is something that is abnormal. It is not much more specific than that in most cases. The other tests that you indicate are all routine labs and don't necessarily point in one direction or another without more information. My guess is that your doctor will begin to discuss some of the different possibilities with you about why she is having the symptoms that she is having, if any. Please speak with your doctor.

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