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"Why do my shoulders and knees hurt so badly ?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my shoulders and knees hurt so badly ?


Yesterday I woke up with really bad pain in my knees and shoulders. I am 18 years old and I am not training anything currently so I am pretty sure it's not a sports injury. My right shoulder hurts a lot more than my left one. I haven't felt any pain before yesterday in those joints. Couple of months ago I was regularly going to the gym and I had some shoulder and knees pain but I figured out it might be because I am doing lifts with weights too heavy for my joints. I haven't go to the gym for the whole summer and now I got this pain in the joints. What the problem could be and is it dangerous?


Joint pain is a common medical complaint. You should have your joint pain evaluated by a medical professional at which time you may want to discuss some of the conditions listed below. Joint pain can be caused by wearing down of the cartilage between the two bones that form the joint. This often occurs in older people, primarily in the knees and at the hip. However, if you have injured a joint in the past it is possible to have an accelerated form of this cartilage breakdown or arthritis. Joint pain can also be caused by inflammation in the joint space. This inflammation can be indicative of any underlying systemic process occurring in your body. As other parts of your body can be affected, including your liver, kidney and gastrointestinal system, it is important to have your joint pain evaluated. Lastly, joint pain can be caused by an infection. These infections can be spread from your bloodstream to your joints or can be introduced directly through the skin. Joint infections need to be treated promptly. The cause of your joint pain can only be diagnosed by seeing a medical professional in person. I would recommend making an appointment with your primary doctor or a rheumatologist.

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