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"I'm experiencing cold sweats, headache, and vomiting. What's wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm experiencing cold sweats, headache, and vomiting. What's wrong?


my forhead sweats constantly cold have a rash 40 percent of my body wich switches from place to place bad taste in mouth and my throat tingles like something bubblylow pain in abdomen whats wrong


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms, as it certainly sounds quite miserable. Please make sure to wash your hands frequently until you know what is causing your complaints and I recommend speaking with a doctor. Doctors will often try to gather information about a problem before rushing to a diagnosis. In addition to other symptoms, it is important to know about your past medical history. Finally, a physical examination can be vital to reaching the diagnosis which is necessary before you can start to get the tailored treatment that you need. In general, doctors will then try to break down your symptoms into a list of possible causes, known as a differential diagnosis. This can fall into several categories, but generally includes such possibilities as infection, systemic illness, endocrine abnormalities, tumors, and other common causes. While they consider more rare causes of symptoms, they usually start with simple and common things. In your specific situation, it would be worth speaking with your doctor in the near future to start the process. Such a wide range of symptoms may need treatment before you are able to return to your optimal health. Please speak with your doctor about your question and concerns.

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