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"Can you get normal pimples on your eyelids?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you get normal pimples on your eyelids?


I have a small pimple on my eyelid, it looks like any other pimple you would get on your face when you're going through puberty, I was washing my face and I saw it, I ignored it and carried on washing my face and the white head popped now it's just a red spot, I have had a stye before when I was younger I was just wondering if this why a stye again or will it just go away? I only got this spot this morning by the way


You ask a very good question about whether you can get a pimple on your eyelid akin to other locations on your body. I can give you some general information, but nonetheless I am going to recommend that if you want the most accurate answer possible that you make an appointment to be evaluated by a physician. They will be able to take a thorough history and examine you (which I am not able to do) and give you a more specific answer. Most people don't realize this, but your eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in your body. It doesn't contain sebaceous glands (which are a form of sweat glands) which is part of how it can be so thin. Acne, and blackheads, often arise from blocked sweat glands, and as such, it is not common to have acne on the eyelids. The only real location that sebaceous glands are present are on the lid in the lash line. In fact a 'stye' is an infection of one of the sebaceous glands of Zeis which are located at the base of the eyelash. An ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician, or an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) should be able to examine you and tell you for sure what is going on.

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