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"I am getting very angry for simple reasons, what may be the cause?"

ZocdocAnswersI am getting very angry for simple reasons, what may be the cause?


for simple reason am getting too much angry and it will go in minutes.and i am too much worried of my family and some persons.and my hair is falling. and i cant control my self when am getting angry. am too much suffering with this angry i cant behave good to my family and friends. please tell me what may be the problem of me


It is very important that you seek medical help for your symptoms immediately. Uncontrolled anger can lead to many disastrous consequences including destroyed relationships and even legal troubles. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor to talk about your anger and your other symptoms. He or she will do a full history and physical and depending on what they find they might refer you to a psychiatrist. Anger can be a symptom of depression. Many think that being depressed means crying all the time and feeling sad but it can often present as irritability. Anxiety can also cause you to have a short fuse. Try to make sure you are getting a good night of sleep as insomnia can also contribute to your symptoms. Some general tips for dealing with anger include removing yourself from the situation and counting to ten, deep breathing, yoga, and meditation. Also try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can both exacerbate anger. Again, it is very important for you to make an appointment as soon as possible with your primary care doctor and get an appropriate diagnosis and begin treatment, which may include counseling or medications or possibly a combination of both.

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