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"What could these symptoms be a sign of?"


- non-itchy ring rash that appears either on my feet, forearms and/or hands. (I feel it corresponds to when I have a very sore throat/tonsillitus) - Hair falling out more than usual (no bald patches but just having mass amounts of strands fall out) - sore throat, swollen tonsils, tonsils stones and had tonsillitis 2 months ago (which did not go away after my 10 day course of penicillin) - Top and bottom wisdom teeth on left side are aching/gum is slightly swollen. - Lots of lumps down the back of my throat - Increase of varicose veins all around my legs and feet - sharp/aching pains all around my body (particularly above my knee, kidney, feet, calves) - up untill last few months Ive had heart pains now and then - I was getting weird stomach spasms couple of months ago -Keep pulling my calve muscle/getting cramp in my sleep - A couple of days ago my urine smelt so strong of ammonia -molted skin on hands


Thanks for your question. This does appear to be a very involved question, and one that you should discuss with your doctor. The head and neck symptoms can readily be explained by any number of common ailments, but it is important to put them into the context of your other health problems.

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For this reason, beginning with your primary care doctor may be a good first step. Tonsil stones are often a sign of cryptic tonsils, or tonsils that have deep wells where food and other debris can build up until it becomes a hard, calcified object similar to a stone. Which is why they are called tonsil stones. In addition to being annoying and being associated with bad breath (halitosis), they can also be associated with an increased incidence of tonsil infections. For that reason, some people choose to have their tonsils removed, which can be accomplished by a head and neck surgeon, sometimes referred to as an ear nose and throat surgeon, or otolaryngologist. That surgeon may be able to find a link between your hair and your increase in varicose veins, etc, as well, but those symptoms are likely best managed by your family doctor. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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