ZocdocAnswersCan a guy take a test to see the amount of x-chromosomes in his sperm?


Can a guy take a test to see the amount of x-chromosomes in his sperm?

A friend of mine waa wondering if hes x chromosome dominant or if hes y chromosome dominant


I would suggest that you contact your primary care physician to further discuss this problem. Generally speaking, your friend is very likely neither X or Y dominant. I can tell this without ever meeting any man because most men have an equal number of X and Y chromosomes. The only exception to this is the occasional case of Klinefelter syndrome where a man will have two Xs and one Y chromosome. There are also cases where a man can have one X and two Y chromosomes but these cases are quite rare. Interestingly, they are sometimes seen in very aggressive serial killers. For the vast majority of men who have one X and white one Y chromosome, each of their sperm will have either an X or a Y. If you measure the number of sperm that have X-chromosome's compared to the number that have Y chromosomes they are always equal. Again, I would suggest that to further discuss this problem you should contact your primary care physician. There is a diagram of spermatogenesis or the production of sperm they can better explain and show why each sperm has either a Y or an X and there should be 50% of each. The fact that there is 50% of each is the reason why there is always a 50-50 shot of getting a boy or a girl when pregnancy occurs.

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