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"Do I have a bladder infection?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a bladder infection?


I'm female 27 years old I have no urinary tract infection history did urine culture and the result was Pus cells 3-4 Red cells 15-20 Epithelial cells ++ Crystals nil No growth of bacteria after 48 hour incubation Under aerobic condition Comment : culture for fungi revealed growth of candida spp. (10,000 cfu/ml ) I have no symptom now and I did it because the Dr suspected that I have bladder infection Please tell me what is that culture means and what is the treatment Thank u


It is very important that you discuss these results with the physician that ordered your testing so that you can get appropriate treatment and follow up for your condition. It is difficult for me to know what your diagnosis is as I do not know what your original symptoms were that prompted your doctor to order a urine culture and what other workup or testing you had done at your last visit. However, it does not appear from your urine culture results that you had or have a bladder infection. However, the fungi culture did grow candida so it is possible that you have a yeast infection caused by candida. The symptoms of a yeast infection usually include thick, white, cottage cheese like vaginal discharge, intense vaginal itching, and inflammation of the vulva. The treatment is usually an anti-fungal medicine which can be taken orally or in suppository form (medicine that is inserted into your vagina). Again, it is very important that you make an appointment with your doctor that you saw originally to discuss your results and the fact that you no longer are having your original symptoms. Your doctor will then prescribe appropriate treatment if any is needed.

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