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"What does high a WBC and ESR rate mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does high a WBC and ESR rate mean?


I just got CBC test done today, below are the results: HB:15.1 WBC/TC:12,300 Neutrophils:50 Lymphocytes:42 Eosinophils:6 Monocytes:2 Basophils:0 RBC:5.4 PCV/HCT:46 Platelet Count:2.7 MCV:81 MCH:27.7 MCHC:32.7 ESR:25 Everything else look normal but the WBC and ESR rate are higher than teh reference range .. what could this mean .. Should i be worried ??.


It is difficult to know exactly what these values mean without knowing what your symptoms are. So I recommend you discuss this with your primary care doctor. Your white blood cell count is just slightly above the upper limit of normal and your ESR is just above the reference range as well. With these slightly abnormal values, you have to take into account physical exam and symptoms to determine what's going on. The white blood cell count is sometimes a good measure of whether or not somebody is actively infected with bacteria. For example if you presented your doctor with burning with urination and your white blood cell count was higher, the perhaps a urinary tract infection would be suspected. The ESR is a test that we used to gauge how much inflammation is ongoing in the body. It is a very rough test that would result in a high value in somebody that is infected and in somebody that has an inflammatory condition such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Again, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with a physician that order these tests. This could be your primary care physician if you need to know who to go to. You should discuss these results and the symptoms you're having to understand better what they indicate.

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