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"I have a boil or something on my chin. How can I make it go away?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a boil or something on my chin. How can I make it go away?


It's kind of hard the skin seem thicker in that little area. I tried to pop it but only little water and blood came out


Sorry to hear about your infection. These sorts of things can be quite irritating, and they can occasionally become something more serious than just a small pimple. Appropriate treatment in a short amount of time is usually the best therapy. In general, a visit to your doctor is the best first step, as he or she will likely want to treat the infection with an antibiotic. This will be only the first step, however, as he or she may feel that there is still some pus in the wound. If that is the case, the pus will need to come out before your body is able to heal, which may require some drainage or other minor procedure on the part of your doctor. Once the pus is out and you have started an antibiotic, there may be a topical ointment or cream that is needed to help you both get over this infection and avoid future infections that can cause similar problems. Some people are colonized by bacteria, or exposed to them on a regular basis, which can cause recurrent infections, boils, etc. These people may need more aggressive intervention, and an infectious disease doctor may be able to help. Please speak with your doctor.

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