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"My poison ivy rash is killing me. What do I do?"

ZocdocAnswersMy poison ivy rash is killing me. What do I do?


My poison ivy rash is killin me, and over the counter meds arent working. I'm planning on going to the doctors tomorrow but I can't even fall asleep, what should I do? I have penicillin still left over from a prescription would that work? What will take away the itching and let me fall asleep? I've already tried a baking soda bath also with no results. Help me!


So sorry to hear about your pain and it is important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Some people can have absolutely horrible reactions to poison ivy, making it difficult to function or even just to lie there, as you are experiencing currently. While there are many medications available over the counter that can help, the strongest medications are all prescription strength steroid creams and lotions, among other things. Of course, one of the first keys is to make sure that you are not contaminating other areas of your body with the oils from the plant. Please make sure and wash with warm soapy water very carefully, and repeat this multiple times. Also, make sure to clean the clothing that you were wearing at the time multiple times, and avoid contact with anything that might be contaminated. By the time you get this message you will hopefully have seen your doctor. If not, there are steroid creams that are available over the counter that can help many people, although they take a few hours before they start to work. Stronger strengths are available in prescription form, and if things are bad enough your doctor may even prescribe a steroid by mouth. Please discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

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