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"Is my thyroid nodule at risk of being cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my thyroid nodule at risk of being cancer?


I have a slightly exophytic complex hypoechoic nodule on my right lobe of thyroid that measures .8 x .6 x .7 cm. It may contain a few small foci of calcification. I am scared to death it is cancer. I went to an endocrinologist today and he said to come back in 6 moth to repeat ultrasound. I am getting a second opinion on Monday. Are the odds high or low that the nodule is cancer?


Sorry to hear about your concerns. There are several interesting things from what you have stated in your question, but the most important thing is going to be working closely with your doctor to make sure that all of your questions are answered. He or she will likely ask questions about your family history and if you have ever been exposed to radiation in the past. Any of these things could potentially increase your risk that this could be a malignancy. With regards to the current nodule that you have, there are some factors that are both concerning and some that are not concerning. First, the size of the nodule is reassuring, in that usually things that are less than 1cm are followed with serial ultrasounds in a manner similar to that which has been advised by your doctor. In most cases, thyroid cancer will grow slowly, if at all, and so that (serial imaging) has been suggested as the optimal strategy in most cases of small nodules. Your doctor may feel differently if there are other factors, such as those discussed above, which raise the level of risk. Speaking with your doctor and getting a second opinion are good steps, so please speak with your doctor.

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