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"I feel pain on my left testicle and am worried that they misdiagnosed a hernia. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel pain on my left testicle and am worried that they misdiagnosed a hernia. What should I do?


Hello! well this is my history basically i was working moving heavy boxes when i start with the pain on my left testicle, that i feel a lot pain and i see my testicle more bigger from the bottom( or from the back ) the next in the morning i was in emergency and when the doctor saw me, her say i was only a Infection called Epididymitis . the next week i visit a regular Doctor and he send me to do a ultrasound and he said i was anything weird there!! and then he say the only answer was a Hernia! and i will a injury! but im not sure about if he is right! Details: is a little ball (like a ten coin) on my left testicle, feels like soft and is floating around my testicle. Heart when i touch it, and some times in the morning when i wake up. and still looking a little more bigger from the bottom ( or back part ) of my testicle


I am sorry to hear that you were moving some heavy boxes when you started to have pain in your left testicle, and that your testicle is larger than the other side. You were correct to go to the emergency department to get evaluated. I am not completely clear on the rest of your history, but it seems that you went to your primary care physician in follow-up and after an ultrasound he told you that you have a hernia. I am happy to give you some of my thoughts about what might be going on, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to be evaluated by a general surgeon. They are specialists in dealing with hernias and can take more of a history and examine you to tell you if in fact you do have a hernia. There is something called an indirect hernia, or inguinal hernia, in which bowel herniates through the deep inguinal ring that has failed to close after the testicle descends through it embryologically. This means that a loop of bowel can make it down into the scrotum following the course of the spermatic cord. The general surgeon will be able to tell you if this is what is going on or not and how best to manage it. Best of luck.

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