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"Can I take CoQ10 with beta blocker 25mg?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take CoQ10 with beta blocker 25mg?


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With any patient taking prescription medications, there is always a concern regarding interactions with over the counter supplements. In addition, it is important to determine if the supplement itself is safe. I recommend you arrange an appointment with a primary care physician to determine if this supplement is safe for you, as the full details of your medical history are necessary to make an accurate recommendation. Coenzyme Q10 is used by your cell's mitochondria during aerobic respiration to help generate ATP, the energy source for cells. There are some small studies suggesting a benefit of CoQ10 in certain medical conditions, such as heart failure. However, these studies in aggregate are inconclusive. Additionally, there is some concern that a precursor of coenzyme Q10 is inhibited by beta blockers, which may suggest a benefit to coenzyme Q10 supplementation. Again, however, these studies are inconclusive, and supplementation is not generally recommended. Supplements are not monitored by the FDA in the same manner as prescription medications. Recent studies have shown that many supplements do not contain the product they profess to contain, and some contain known toxins. As such, supplements can pose a significant risk to patients. I encourage you to see your primary care physician to discuss the risks and benefits of this supplement for you.

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