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"What does persistent mild dilation of the esophagus mean on a chest CT scan?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does persistent mild dilation of the esophagus mean on a chest CT scan?


In the Chest Ct report under the findings section for Mediastinum, Hila and Lymph nodes it states: no adenopathy. Persistent mild dilation of the esophagus. I had 2 prior scans prior to and there was nothing mentioned in this section.


Thanks for your question, it is important that you speak with your doctor. There are two parts to the answer. The first is that the problem was noted to be persistent. This indicates that the finding was present on the previous scans. For one reason or another, the previous radiologists chose to not comment on this finding. This could be for several reasons. One of the more likely explanations is that the radiologist who examined the previous films felt that this minor change was quite consistent with a normal variant. In other words, most people will have some differences in their bodies from others that have no clinical bearing on their overall health and are somewhat common in others as well. Such a situation could be considered a normal variant in some situations. With regards to the next part of your findings on the exam, the comment that there is a persistent dilation of the esophagus could mean a number of different things depending on what your doctor was looking for with the scan. It could be a sign of something that leaves you at increased risk of developing symptoms of acid reflux. It could be a sign of something that causes difficulty swallowing. Or it could be nothing. Please speak with your doctor to understand this question better.

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