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"I feel tension in my throat and in my frown/cry muscles, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel tension in my throat and in my frown/cry muscles, what should I do?


these are symptoms, leftover from a depression i had in 2008 that lasted until the beginning of 2010. I feel tension in my throat & the muscles i use for crying or frowning.


So sorry to hear about your long bout of depression. Depression is something that can weigh you down in every way, and medical doctors and scientists are only recently beginning to learn more about the negative effects that it can have on your over all health. With regards to the tension that you are describing, it is important to understand this better before treatment or even diagnosis could begin. Please speak with your doctor. He or she will want to know if this is something that is due to a different cause other than the depression that you suffered from a few years ago, or is this something that has an organic cause now. By asking you the right questions, your doctor will be able to know if there is further testing that is needed. In some cases, this may include lab work such as blood draws. Things such as a low thyroid hormone can contribute to making some people feel chronic pain and tension, in addition to making them feel more run down. There are also many other possible reasons that you could be feeling this way, and it will be important to make sure that you work closely with your doctor until you feel better. Please speak with your doctor.

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