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"Do I have diabetes?"

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Hi, so this past three months I've been eating a much higher amount of sugary foods than usual. Two weeks ago I started feeling very tired and urinating frequently. The symptoms went away but came back today. I'm worried I might have developed diabetes, is this realistic or am I overreacting? Thanks in advance.


The symptoms you described are some of those experienced by most patients with diabetes, though it is important to discuss your question with a doctor. When there is too much glucose or blood sugar in the blood and not enough in the cells of your body, it is a result of a lack of insulin because the insulin producing cells have been destroyed. In response, your body signals that your cells are not getting the glucose that they need by giving you these signs and symptoms. I recommend visiting a doctor to check it out. At these visits your doctor can confirm the diagnosis with one or more diabetes blood tests that include fasting blood glucose level, hemoglobin A1c test, and oral glucose tolerance test. If it is confirmed to be diabetes, these tests will help your doctor monitor your condition and prevent its long-term complications. Your doctor will also discuss with you a plan for long-term treatments to lower high blood glucose levels and to reduce your chances of developing problems associated with diabetes. After many years, diabetes can lead to serious problems with your eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves, blood vessels, sore and infections on your feet, and other conditions more common in patients with diabetes. In addition, it is extremely important that you work closely with your doctor to learn basic management skills on how to control and live with the disease. Please talk with your doctor soon. Good luck.

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