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"What should I do about head twitches?"


I have been suffering from head twitches for about a year. And now anxiety attacks have started. I start feeling like I can't breathe, shaking, and break out into a cold sweat. I have been under a ton of stress lately as well but it's nothing I can avoid, it's college related.


Head twitches could be caused by a few different conditions, depending on the exact sensation you experience during these twitches. For this reason, it is very important for you to make an appointment to see your doctor to review exactly where these twitches could be originating from. Having said that, given the rest of the symptoms you are experiencing, it is likely that these head twitches are related to an anxiety disorder.

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Your experience of having episodes of feeling as though you cannot breath, breaking out into a cold sweat, and feeling a significant amount of anxiety is a classic description of a panic attack, especially because these episodes seem to coincide with you being under a lot of stress at college. You should know that these episodes are treatable with medications that alleviate anxiety, and you may also benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy or other techniques to deal with anxiety in a healthy manner. I strongly recommend seeing a psychiatrist or meeting with your primary care doctor and perhaps seeking a referral for a psychiatrist that he or she suggests. Less likely causes of "head twitching" include tic disorders, such as Tourette syndrome, which are also associated with anxiety disorders. An even less likely cause of head twitches is a condition called trigeminal neuralgia, although this is most often associated with a feeling of an electrical shock along the trigeminal nerve in your face that lasts only a manner of seconds and can occur a number of times a day. Because you are not experiencing any painful symptoms, this is a very unlikely cause of your head twitches. As mentioned above, it is very likely that you are experiencing these symptoms because of an anxiety disorder, and it is important for you to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist or your primary care doctor who can perform a complete evaluation and possibly refer you to a psychiatrist.

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