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"If i am having bad heart murmurs, is that dangerous?"

ZocdocAnswersIf i am having bad heart murmurs, is that dangerous?


i have a 4mm hole in my heart shunting left to right. tonight if i lay down i can feel my heart skipping every few seconds


Sorry to hear about this problem. While I can tell you that this is not normal in most people, you will need to speak with your doctor to determine how much of a medical problem this is for you. Having holes between the sides of the heart for long periods of time can lead to some risks in most people. One of these risks has to do with volume and pressure changes in the chambers of the heart that can lead to long term structural changes that can be threatening to the health of the heart in some people. In your specific case, you suggest that you are also having changes to the rhythm of your heart, which may or may not be related. Regardless, you know that you have some abnormalities that are causing you to have some symptoms. In this case, I would advise that you speak with your doctor about your concerns. He or she may be able to discuss with you what the next best step should be, if any additional steps are required. In some cases, it may be appropriate for you to discuss closing the hole in your heart. Please speak with your doctor.

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