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"I've been feeling really tired recently. Is there something wrong, should I go see a doctor? "


Basically I've been feeling really tired recently, I've just finished school and I'm on holiday.. I've slept more, eating healthy but it still hasn't changed! I also have a boney ache in my shin, back and hips (this has been going on a very long time now) I'm waiting to go see a podiatrist for my leg though as my ankles are very stiff! I'm also noticing symptoms like paleness in the skin and dizziness when standing or getting up quickly! I have also notices a change in my appetite and feel ill after eating most of the time! I feel really stupid going to the doctors as they'll probably say I'm fine, but I have this strange seeking that something isn't right.. Thought I'd see if someone could help here.


Sorry to hear about your current symptoms. As you seem to indicate, there are many possible explanations for the vague symptoms that you seem to be having, and so it can be difficult to reach an answer immediately. On the other hand, there are times when getting an answer to your problem is as simple as a conversation with your doctor about your other symptoms, your past medical history, and completing a physical exam.

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Based on what you have provided, there are almost unlimited possibilities. Some of these include your thyroid (which does quite a bit to affect your energy levels), your blood count (as anemic people, or those with low levels of hemoglobin, are more likely to feel tired frequently and these people can even get dizzy when standing), chronic medical conditions, mental disorders, and many other possibilities. There are too many to explain at this time, and you would need to provide more information before we could possibly give you information that would be specific enough to your condition. Please discuss your question with your doctor, and follow any of his or her recommendations regarding future tests to determine what is causing your symptoms.

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