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"What is a bump on my upper eyelids?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a bump on my upper eyelids?


Ok so a while ago I found a bump on my upper eyelid and I checked it today and it was still there they are small about the size of the too of a small nail it doesn't hurt but I am really scared that it is something else


Lesions on the eyelids are fairly common. While they can be something more serious like a form of cancer, they are most often benign (not cancer), so the best thing to do is to visit your primary care doctor. There are several different types of benign lesions, most of which don't require treatment and can resolve on their own. Some of the benign lesions are associated with high cholesterol, or blockage of glands near your eye. In general, warm compresses can be used on your eye to reduce swelling if necessary. If the lesion does not resolve, then surgery may be needed to remove the lesion. Skin cancers can also occur on the eyelid and require a biopsy for diagnosis. You should try to pay attention to any changes in color or size of the lesion, as these may be signs of a cancerous condition. In addition, there are wart-like lesions that can be either benign or pre-cancerous. Seeing your primary care physician first is a good idea, as he or she may have an idea of what type of lesion you have just by looking at it. Most likely nothing will need to be done. However, if your doctor feels further testing is warranted he/she may refer you to an eye doctor (ophthalmologist).

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