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"Is it normal to get headaches and feel dizzy during 23 weeks pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to get headaches and feel dizzy during 23 weeks pregnant?


To get terrible headaches and dizziness (at anytime...standing, laying, or getting up) during 23wks pregnant?


While some headaches are quite common, it is important to speak with your doctor if you have any new or extreme headaches. This is also true during pregnancy, when so many things can change so quickly, and there are so many new things that can affect you and your baby. Headaches can come from a number of different factors, but your description seems to indicate that these are new or at least more intense than usual. If that is the case, then speaking with your doctor immediately is imperative. Pregnancy can raise your blood pressure, which can contribute to this problem, but there can also be other reasons for them that can be quite serious. Some of these include medical problems that can affect your pregnancy, and may be caused by your pregnancy. Some of the dizzy feelings that you are having can come from blood pressure changes as well, as the increased blood volume that a woman has can cause some difficulty for the heart and blood vessels to make sure that blood is shifted appropriately during changes against gravity. In short, your symptoms may not be normal, and so please speak with your doctor quickly about them.

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