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"Which medicines should someone avoid if she has Hepatitis B?"

ZocdocAnswersWhich medicines should someone avoid if she has Hepatitis B?


My mom has had chronic Hepatitis B since birth. I have heard that there are advantages to avoiding certain common cold medicines like tylenol or advil out of precaution for liver disease.


Most individuals with hepatitis B infection should be under the care of a specialist, either an infectious disease doctor or a liver specialist, who has experience in the management of the condition. Although not every individual with hepatitis B needs to be treated, many should have treatment for the condition, especially if there is evidence of advancing liver disease. So my first recommendation would be that your mother seek help from a specialist, if she does not have one already. This specialist will also be able to help her with general health questions about the liver, such as those you mention. In general it is true that people with hepatitis B infection should try to avoid other substances that could harm the liver. These include alcohol, as well as many common medications, including tylenol (acetaminophen) and ibuprofen. Additionally, it is important for people with hepatitis B to be up to date on their vaccinations, including vaccinations for hepatitis A and pneumonia. A specialist will be able to help your mother coordinate all of these issues and will also be able to work with her primary care doctor to make sure that she stays healthy as she continues to age.

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