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"Should my girlfriend continue taking Jazz (Bayern)?"

ZocdocAnswersShould my girlfriend continue taking Jazz (Bayern)?


Hello, Doctor. My girlfriend has been taking Jazz (Bayern) for 4 months already. She is 20. That was a recipe from the doctor,- to get rid of acne and skin problems. She's feeling alright an she got used to it. At first she had some problems with the mood, but now it's ok. I'm a little worried by the information I read on the websites about this particular product. We made a blood analysys after 1 month of taking, then after three months of taking it. Prothrombin was 90,88, has become 85,20 MNO was 1,01, has become 1,08 We also made a genetic analysis and it said she was inclined to having blood clots (genetically) but doctors say there's no worry now, because it may reveal only after she is 35. What should we do? Continue taking them (and how long), or stop taking them? Is this analysis enough to be sure of her health? Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to receiving the answer to my question.


Thanks for your question. I recommend discussing this question further with your doctor. Hormonal contraception can be very effective at preventing pregnancy. In fact, it is one of the easiest and most effective methods available for those who want the freedom to reverse the effects of the medication with almost no long term effects. Unfortunately, there are always some risks and adverse reactions to almost any medication. One of these risks is the risk of blood clots. This risk is elevated in some groups, including those who are older (as this group is generally at an increased risk anyway) and especially among those who are older and also smoke. In fact, some oral contraceptives and other hormonal contraceptives carry a warning that they should not be used in these high risk groups. What is not as well defined is the risk to those who have some high risk features, such as a pre-disposition to blood clots, but do not have the classic high risk features such as smoking. In these situations, it can be difficult to know whether the risks of the medication outweigh the benefits (in addition to preventing pregnancy, they can also help some people with things like acne). It can become a complex and complicated issue. Please discuss it further with your doctor, possibly a vascular medicine doctor.

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