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"Noticing dull haze over senses and a drastic change in appetite and sleep. What's going on?"

ZocdocAnswersNoticing dull haze over senses and a drastic change in appetite and sleep. What's going on?


About a week or two ago, I noticed that my sense of touch was feeling a bit off. As if i could feel my self touching things and process pain, but it was obvious it wasn't coming in at 100% ( especially when touching my own body). This weekend I noticed the dull reception had extended to my sense of smell and taste. Lately I have also been unable to eat much and never actually feel hungry ( went two days without eating anything more than a bag of chips but still did not feel hungry) , and have not been able to sleep more than 2/3 hours a night for the last week but I don't actually feel tired. Any suggestions on what's going on?


This is an excellent question, and because there are some serious conditions that may be associated with what you have described, it is advisable that you are evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible to ensure that there is not something serious going on. Some of the symptoms you are describing, such as the decreased ability to sleep and a decrease in appetite may suggest depression. It is important that you consider whether something has affected your emotional state recently and whether you have lost interest in things that once were interesting to you, These are all signs concerning for depression and with appropriate medical and behavioral therapy this can oftentimes be treated successfully. Other causes for changes in sleeping and eating patterns can include issues related to your thyroid, or anemia, and so it likely that your primary care doctor will check some blood work to ensure there isn't something organic occurring within your body that can be treated with medication. Regardless, it is important that you are evaluated by a medical professional because they will best be perform a history and physical and decide upon the next course of action to help you with these issues.

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