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"What could be the cause of abnormal and painful vaginal bleeding in adolescent girl?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be the cause of abnormal and painful vaginal bleeding in adolescent girl?


Bleeding from the vagina a week and two days after period has ended. Major pain in the stomach, pelvis, lower and upper back, and legs. Massive headaches not cured by pain relievers, feeling of pressure and mass compression. Loss of all appetite. Period has been normal for past six years.


Vaginal bleeding is a common complaint. You should have your vaginal bleeding evaluated by a medical professional, at which point you may want to discuss some of the following conditions. Vaginal bleeding can be caused by pregnancy or conditions related to pregnancy. Over the counter pregnancy tests can be easily purchased. If you have difficulty using these over the counter tests, please consult with your doctor. Pregnancy associated conditions that can lead to the symptoms you are describing include an ectopic pregnancy, or implantation of the fetus in an abnormal spot in your fallopian tube or ovary, or miscarriage. Other causes of bleeding include uterine fibroids, or growths of muscle cells of the uterus that are in most cases, non-cancerous. Abnormal bleeding that is coming from the uterus can be caused by variations in maturation of the body's reproductive system, polycystic ovarian syndrome (a condition where cysts grow on the ovaries and disrupt the normal menstrual cycle), or the use of hormonal contraception. Lastly, an infection can cause bleeding from the vagina and should be further evaluated. Only a doctor seeing you in person can diagnose the cause of your bleeding. I recommend making an appointment with your primary doctor or an obstetrician/gynecologist.

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