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"I get horrible ear aches which turn into headaches, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI get horrible ear aches which turn into headaches, what could it be?


I get really bad ear aches which turn into headaches and then I become dizzy and I have just started vomiting the last couple of days?


Sorry to hear about this series of symptoms, which sounds truly miserable. Trying to decide what exactly is causing these symptoms may be difficult without some further information and perhaps some simple tests, which is why I suggest speaking with your doctor. However, we should be able to at least point you in the right direction. I would first be interested in your past medical history with regards to your ears. Is there a reason to suspect an infection or a residual problem with your ears that has been treated in part in the past? If so, this is likely the best clue that your doctor may get towards providing you a diagnosis and treatment. If not, I would be interested in any other phenomena that may be associated with your ear aches. Are you seeing things or having other signs and symptoms at the same time? Finally, with regards to your vomiting, I would hope that you are able to keep sufficient fluids down to be able to void routinely. Dehydration can become a problem in and of itself, and can exacerbate headaches and dizziness. Because of the complexity of your problem, you will need to speak with your doctor for more information. Please speak with your doctor.

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