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"What are these small flying bugs and how am I getting bites?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are these small flying bugs and how am I getting bites?


I found these little bugs flying around apartment. I'm getting some small red bites. haven't found bedbugs and fleas can't really live cause of the elevation. I live in the rockies in colorado.


Thank you for your question. While I am not sure exactly what bugs you are referring to, I can suggest that you discuss this question with other locals who are likely suffering from the same problem as well as with your doctor. They will also likely be able to suggest approaches to improve the livability of your current situation. As always, when you are concerned about your health, speaking with your healthcare professional can be a valuable step and is advisable. He or she may recognize the bites and be able to provide more information about how to stay away from whatever is causing them, or how to eradicate them altogether. Additionally, he or she will likely be able to suggest therapies to alleviate the symptoms and to avoid potential problems caused by the bites down the line. While your health care team may not be the only people that you need to talk to in this situation, they may be able to provide valuable information that can improve your quality of life in your current situation. Please speak with your doctor.

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