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"What's wrong with my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong with my skin?


I'm a 16 year old female and I've been having problems with my skin for the past week or so now, the doctors haven't helped at all. I have an itchy sore vagina that's flaky and horrible to the touch, it's very painful. It started itchy and stuff then sores came up everywhere and hurt heaps then they went away and the skin was just very sore an flaky. I've also been having fluid build up in the soles of my feet and heel, my foot tends to get blochy all over and tends to sometimes have bruises come and go throughout the day. My knees become red/purple and can feel very hot to the touch. My hands become blochy and very dry. I can feel very hot when it's cold and everything comes and goes other than my groin area which is constantly sore and very raw. What could this be?


So sorry to hear about all of these problems and I recommend you discuss this questions with your doctor. It is interesting that all of these problems are happening at the same time, or at least close to each other, and so doctors will often look for a unifying cause or diagnosis. This technique of looking for a single unifying diagnosis is known as Occam's razor. This could be some sort of systemic illness, some new medication that you have started, some environmental exposure, or any number of different possibilities. Alternatively, a patient can have as many different diagnosis as needed, as sometimes a unifying diagnosis is not the correct explanation. This is known by some as Hickam's dictum. In your case, one example of this could be having a vaginal infection and then having some sort of environmental exposure that is causing your other symptoms. It is obviously impossible to tell without more information, and so you will need to keep working with your doctor. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors arrive at conclusions with the help of time if they feel that there is nothing more serious that is causing symptoms. This is because small things tend to improve with time, and things that are more serious declare themselves. Again, please discuss these questions with your doctor.

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