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"What could a little lump under my right eye be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could a little lump under my right eye be?


Hello, I woke up this morning with a little lump under my right eye and it seems to be getting bigger and more are appearing, the area is tender and red I was wondering what it could be if you wouldn't mind helping please?


Sorry to hear about your problem. In general, there are many different possibilities for what this could be, and you should discuss your concerns with your doctor. Often, when doctors approach a problem like this, they will break it down into several categories and then determine which seems the most likely given the history, the medical history, and the physical exam findings that they may notice at the time. Clues in your case seem to be that the lesion appeared over a short period of time and seems to be getting larger and is red and painful. These are some of the cardinal signs of inflammation, and can often be associated with things such as infections. In the area near the eye, it is not uncommon to have infections of the secreting system of the eye itself. These are sometimes referred to as styes. Other common causes of lumps under the eye include more general infections, growths, and simply abnormal collections of fat or other tissue. Indeed, anything that can cause inflammation, even things that generally cause effects elsewhere, can be involved in creating some of the symptoms you describe. Please speak with your doctor about your question for diagnosis and treatment.

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