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"Is Zithromax a good antibiotic to get rid of tonsillitis?"

ZocdocAnswersIs Zithromax a good antibiotic to get rid of tonsillitis?


I've already went to the doctors, been tested for strep and mono but they both came up negative. the doctor perscribed me zithromax and I've taken the first two doses 500mg and now on the second day I've just taken the 250mg but I don't see any signs of the white pus on my tonsils or the red tiny spots on the back of my throat going away. When will I see results? (P.s. I've been resting, did the salt and water gargle and the tea and honey methods)


Sorry to hear that you've been ill, and am glad that you have already been to visit a physician. In general, he or she will have a significant advantage over the advice that I am able to give you because he or she will have access to a more complete history. Additionally, they will have the further advantage due to having been able to complete a physical exam. For that reason, following your doctor's advice is always the most appropriate step. Please speak with your doctor to ask specific questions about his or her recommendations. With regards to the antibiotic that has been offered, it depends on the agent that is causing the infection. In many cases, it is true that a virus will actually be the offending infection rather than a bacteria. Most people would say that antibiotics are less effective in these infections, because they do not directly fight viruses. They can be effective, however, in helping some people to feel better for several reasons, some of which we may not fully understand and so they are not routinely prescribed for non bacterial infections. Please speak with your doctor about your symptoms and questions, and I hope you feel well soon.

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