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"Why does my voice keep going?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my voice keep going?


Since two weeks ago, till now my voice keeps going and I have to do that little cough all the time. And it really doesn't help, I dont have any pain but it is annoying for everyone in my family because i keep doing the little coughing every 2minutes.


Sorry to hear about your cough. It is hard to say exactly what might be causing your cough, because there are many different possible causes. That is why it is important to discuss your concerns with your doctor. In general, common things are common, and so we should begin there. Following an infection such as an upper respiratory tract infection (eg, the common cold), many people can have sensitized cough receptors that leave them coughing for some time afterwards. In some cases, this can extend for months. Another common cause of cough is post nasal drainage, which is often present and exacerbates the problem during the night when it is able to drain down onto the vocal cords. Again, cough receptors are sensitized and a cough can persist for some time. Another common source of a cough is acid reflux disease, which tickles the cough receptors from the other direction, often during sleep as well. Finally, there are common environmental exposures such as tobacco smoke that can cause chronic problems. When any of these or another reason causes a chronic cough, the cough can then become self sustaining as well, even without a specific cause. If your cough has persisted for some time, please speak with your doctor about your question to get more help.

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