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"I missed my period in July, and it came back in August. What's happening?"

ZocdocAnswersI missed my period in July, and it came back in August. What's happening?


On the 15th & the 16th , i would wipe myself and and really light blood would show up on the tissue but not on my underwear . Then on the 17th , I got on my normal period but backwards my cramps came at the end . When my normal period is over I'm still bleeding light during the day and kinda heavy at night . What's happening ? Is my period making up for the one month I missed ?


Thanks for the question, and I recommend that you speak with your OB/GYN or primary care doctor. Abnormal menstruation can have a number of different explanations, many of which depend on your age. For women who are just beginning to menstruate, it is common for there to be some minor variation in the cycle length. The same can be said about women who have just completed a pregnancy, are coming off of hormonal contraceptives, and are having other changes in their health (such as illness, weight loss, weight gain, or other medical issues). Additionally, as women age they can begin to have some changes in their average cycle length, which will often precede menopause. If you are in any of those groups, some variation in your cycle may not be entirely unexpected. Now, if you are a normal, otherwise well woman who has always had regular cycles and have had no recent changes in your overall health, then this is something that may have another explanation that should be reviewed with your doctor. Your OB/GYN or primary care doctor will likely be able to help you determine if there is anything that needs further investigation, a physical exam, or even testing. There are some possible other explanations, so please speak with your doctor.

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