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"Two cysts that I have had for years have recently got bigger in the past month. What is happening?"

ZocdocAnswersTwo cysts that I have had for years have recently got bigger in the past month. What is happening?


I have had two cysts for years , last time they were checked ou by a doctor was about 5 years ago.. One is on my balls and the other on my outer thigh . I also have eczema . Within the past month the cyst on my balls has increased in size and is more painful than normal.. The one on my thigh has also increased in size recently . My eczema has gotten worse recently and I have been feeling tired all the time !! Any clue on wat could be happening.?? Could it be cancer.??


It is unlikely that all of the symptoms you are experiencing are related to each other. However, it does sound like you have a couple of medical issues that are worsening and that need to be checked out by your primary care doctor. Regarding your eczema, there are many different reasons that it could be flaring up, including stress, exposure to irritating chemicals, and allergies to foods or other things in your environment. Furthermore, sometimes a skin rash is presumed to be eczema, but turns out to be another skin condition, like psoriasis. Your doctor will be able to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe medications to help you get things under control. Regarding the cysts that are increasing in size, I do think having your doctor look at these again is very important. The first thing would be to confirm that they are in fact just benign cysts. The chance that they are cancerous is low, but if your doctor has any concerns after an examination, they will want to perform a biopsy to rule out this possibility. While you are seeing your doctor, also make sure to mention the symptoms of feeling tired all the time; as part of their general examination and interview, they will help you figure out what is going on with that as well.

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