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I nicked myself while shaving with an electric shaver, is it safe for other people to use it?

I nicked myself while shaving with an electric shaver..i dont know if blood got on it but i rinsed it just it safe for other people to use?
The answer to your question completely depends on whether or not you have a blood-borne illness. So it is important that you speak with your primary care physician. If you are completely healthy, then a small nick that you obtained on your electric razor is unlikely to impact anybody else that decides to use that razor. If you share the razor with somebody that uses a daily as well, and there's a small chance of transmission of certain viruses from one person's body to another. The main two viruses and question that you would be concerned about would be HIV and hepatitis C. If you (or the person you share this razor with) do not have either of these two infections then it is unlikely that you have anything to worry about. I would suggest that you start by scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. If you're concerned about possible infections with either these viruses you should be tested for them. The CDC recommends that everybody gets tested for HIV at least once in the life. If you have a history of IV drug abuse with sharing needles or if you have a history of high-risk sexual activity then getting tested for both of these viruses is something that I would have you do anyway regardless of the issue with the reason. Good luck
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