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"I popped a pimple on my cheek, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI popped a pimple on my cheek, what should I do?


It is on my cheek . Help!!


Thank you for your question. In general, your doctor will advise you not to pop pimples on your face, as this can cause them to not heal as well as they otherwise would. The infection that is inside of them can also spread to other parts of your face, and in serious situations can even spread backwards and affect your brain (although this is obviously very rare). The best thing to do with this sort of situation is to make sure that your face remains clean. Washing it regularly with a gentle face wash will help to decrease the bacterial burden on your face and help you to have less acne, at least in most instances. There are many other products that can help to improve acne as well, some of which are available over the counter and others of which require a doctors prescription. Depending on how frequently you have pimples and how they present, your doctor may suggest different therapies. If you feel that the pimple that you popped is now infecting the deeper tissues of your face, please speak with your doctor sooner rather than later. Please speak with your doctor about your question, and good luck!

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