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"I get really sore lower back pain, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI get really sore lower back pain, what could it be?


15, girl. I am constantly getting a really sore lower back, sometimes i can feel pain in my hip too its been going on for ages now roughly 3/4+ months i get it for like a week and then it goes away for a week but then it comes back for another week and its recurring. At first i thought it could be my mattress, but when i think about it before this started happening i had the same mattress and never use to get the pain. It isn't scoliosis because my spin isn't curved. I actually don't know what to do anymore it's so sore, but im not sure if its my mattress or something serious. Should i go to a DR? Could it be serious? or do i just leave it and deal with the pain?


Lower back pain can be a sign of many different things, but it is hard to say what could be causing your symptoms in this situation. This is because of the fact that much more information is needed. One of the more common causes of back pain is due to muscle strain, being overweight, bad posture, etc. All of these are less common in 15 year old girls, however, and so it is unusual enough that I would recommend speaking with your doctor to make sure that you are well. Of course, pelvic inflammatory disease and other problems associated with abdominal and retro-abdominal complaints can sometimes present with back pain. One other common cause of back pain can be pregnancy. As you can see that there are many different potential causes, I would advise you to speak with your doctor to make sure that you are well and there is not something that you are overlooking that is causing these symptoms. He or she will be able to help you return to feeling better and get the answers you need.

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