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"Can I go back to a cow milk based formula after using a soy formula?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I go back to a cow milk based formula after using a soy formula?


I was told as a recommendation by his doctor to try the soy but he only drinks 2oz maybe every four hours. But today he refuses to eat. It has only been 1 week. So can I try a milk based formula made for gas or will that mess with his stomach. He does not have a milknallergy


Although soy based formulas have become more popular in recent years, cow milk based formulas are still the standard recommendation for those who are not breast feeding. In order to obtain a second opinion, I would recommend making an appointment to meet with a different doctor to discuss your particular case and which type of baby formula is the best for your infant. Many people use soy-milk based formulas for babies who are allergic to lactose or who are not feeding well on cow-milk based formula. These two options have very similar vitamin and mineral profiles and it is generally safe to use either. However, recent studies have shown that two compounds in soy act like estrogens and may have some side effects in males because of this, including potentially breast development and decreased sperm count if ingested in high quantities. However, these studies have not been definitively confirmed, and this "high quantity" has not been defined, so I would not become too concerned about these findings. In terms of switching to a cow-milk based formula, there is no risks or dangers involved in switching back to this type of formula, unless of course your child is allergic to cow's milk. Again, for particular questions regarding your individual case, I would recommend speaking with your doctor (or with a different doctor if your doctor is firmly set on using soy-milk based formulas).

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