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"Could my ovarian cyst be bursting?"


i have a 3.7mm cyst on my left ovary and i just started birth control 3 weeks ago. i've had issues with my cyst before but about an hour ago out of nowhere i got really sharp pains around my left pelvic lower abdomen area, and on my left side. for an hour i couldn't even breath without being in intense pain,but now it's about a 6. i've also been lightly bleeding for the past three days but i figured that was just my body adjusting to the birth control. could this possibly be my cyst bursting?


Ovarian cyst development is a very common condition in women of all ages. In order to be fully evaluated, it will be important for you to schedule an appointment to meet with your gynecologist or primary care physician in order for him or her to obtain a complete history, perform a physical examination (including a pelvic exam) and run any testing that may be indicated. Having said that, it does sound as though you have had an ovarian cyst rupture.

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The characteristic pain in the left pelvic region, which is the same side as your known ovarian cyst, is indicative of a possible cyst rupture. The most important thing to rule out in this case, however, is ovarian torsion, in which the blood vessels that supply the ovary become compromised and put the ovary at risk of not receiving blood flow. The treatment of cyst rupture is often just with pain medications. However, if there is concern that you are continuing to bleed, surgery may be indicated to stop the bleeding. If you experience continued severe pain, or symptoms of light-headedness or tachycardia (fast heartbeat), I would recommend seeking immediate medical attention in the emergency room. If the pain is subsiding, you can most likely schedule an appointment with your outpatient gynecologist or primary care doctor (and I would recommend doing this as soon as possible). However, if the pain is not abating (and thus there is concern for ovarian torsion), or you have the symptoms noted above that would indicate a continued internal bleeding from the ovarian cyst rupture, I would go immediately to the nearest emergency department.

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