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"My right hand swells and itches between my thumb and pointer finger, it has happened 3 times. What could this be?"

ZocdocAnswersMy right hand swells and itches between my thumb and pointer finger, it has happened 3 times. What could this be?


My face along my jaw an the last time my chin swells as if it fills up with infection becoming hot to touch.this happens very quickly and takes the day to go away. My right hand starts swelling and itching between my thumb and pointer finger. What could this be there are no common triggers E


Thanks for the question. I recommend that you discuss your concern with your doctor. This is an interesting question as well, as it seems like a slightly unusual thing for an infection to come on so quickly and then resolve by itself within a day without some pus or drainage being released. In general, infections may come on quickly, but it is rare that they will respond so quickly without something to help them improve, such as drainage of an abscess pocket or antibiotics, among other things. If you have had this happen in the past, I would be interested to know if you have any auto immune challenges, and get frequent infections in other parts of your body as well. Another possibility would be that your blood supply to this region could be compromised, or you could have poorly controlled diabetes, both of which would make you more prone to infectious problems that could come on quickly. Again, these would be even less likely to resolve quickly, as it would be expected that your healing would be impaired in any of those cases. Of course, there are other potential explanations as well, such as allergies that some people can have that can be similar to what you describe. Please speak with your doctor.

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