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"I think a spider crawled in my ear, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI think a spider crawled in my ear, what should I do?


I walked into my basement and went through a spider web and while I was putting clothes in my washer it felt like something crawled into my ear and for the last 20 to 25 minutes it has felt like something was in there and coming out and going back in every once in awhile. feels like it may be far in


So sorry to hear about this. Hopefully by now you have gone to visit a doctor about this problem. It can certainly be a disconcerting feeling to know or think that there is something in your ear, especially if it is something like a spider that you are worried could cause additional harm while it is in there. Visiting an ear nose and throat surgeon (aka ENT aka otolaryngology head and neck surgeon) may be your most effective bet to have this problem addressed, as he or she is well trained in this problem. He or she may instill olive oil or something similar that can kill whatever may be inside. What I can advise is that one should never place anything in an ear to try and remove whatever may be inside. This can cause additional trauma to the ear itself, which can lead to infection. Additionally, if there is something alive in your ear, it may make that thing defensive, which can lead to further trauma to the ear canal. The skin of the canal is quite thin, and can be readily injured. The best bet is to speak with your doctor very shortly about your question to get the help you need. Please speak to your doctor.

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