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"Would it be possible for one person to eat eggs for a whole day and not affect their health?"

ZocdocAnswersWould it be possible for one person to eat eggs for a whole day and not affect their health?


If cooked right an egg can provide good cholesterol. Some say it's a super food so eating around 2000 calories worth of eggs shouldn't be bad, but isn't too much of any food bad for you?


I think the most doctors would say that eating too much of any kind of food is never a great idea, and I recommend that you speak with a nutritionist. I certainly agree with you that eggs have a lot of nutritional value. For one, they are complete source of dietary protein. They contain all 20 amino acids and thus can provide somebody with all the protein that they need. The yolks of eggs do contain a lot of cholesterol and fat. In certain people, consuming a lot of these eggs over time will definitely raise your cholesterol. In addition, eggs are not that low in calories so consuming too many of them can result in weight gain. I don't think that I would ever recommend anyone to avoid eggs all together, but I certainly would not recommend somebody eat so many as to consume 2000 cal per day. Questions regarding diet such as this are great to pose your primary care physician. It is a good idea for you would to consider a consultation with a nutritionist. This kind of consultation can be referred from your primary care physician. The nutritionist can spend a great deal of time with you going over what kind of foods are good to eat and what quantities. Good luck.

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