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"I feel a pain by my uterus, what could it be?"


Hi I was wondering if you could help me understand Why I'm feeling like a pain by where my uterus , I had intercourse two days Ago , but it feels like a period cramp but kinda Worse


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. In order to know the cause of your symptoms, you will need to undergo a thorough review of your medical history as well as a physical exam. Depending on these results, you may also need additional blood testing or imaging studies.

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Therefore, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. After a thorough, in-person evaluation, the doctor can discuss potential causes of your symptoms as well as treatment options. There are multiple organs in the lower abdomen that can cause pain. As you mentioned, this could be pain from your uterus. Issues with your ovaries can also cause pain in this area. Potential causes include pelvic inflammatory disease from gonorrhea or chlamydia, uterine fibroids, normal pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy. You may have internal bruising from the sexual intercourse itself. This could also be pain referred from your small or large intestine. Causes include constipation, infections, inflammatory bowel disease, or diverticulitis. This could also be pain from your stomach. Potential causes include peptic ulcer disease or gastritis. It is not possible to know the specific cause of your symptoms without undergoing a thorough, in-person evaluation. Therefore, I recommend you see a primary care doctor.

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