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"Is there something wrong with my vagina/uterus?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there something wrong with my vagina/uterus?


It started out as reoccurring, frequent Urinary Tract Infections. Like once a month. The doctors would put me on antibiotics, and it'd clear up. No more cramps, painful and frequent urination. But they come back!! Atfer months of these frequent UTIs and random vaginal swell-ups, my discharge turned very dark and developed a very, very foul smell. Came more frequently after intercourse with my partner. I was embarrassed to the point of crying after sex because of how strong and foul it smelled. My doctor again gave me medication for it, however it took a very long time after the medication for this symptom to clear up. Then, deep penetration during sex started happening. I think it's affecting my ability to conceive. I am so worried something is wrong with me down there.


So sorry to hear about all of your concerns and your persistent problems that are affecting you in many different ways. It is important that you keep working with your doctor to understand what is causing your symptoms. There are many different possible explanations, but recurrent infections are not normal and need a definitive explanation. Some anatomic issues may be at play as well, and so a complete physical exam will likely also be important as well as a thorough review of your past medical history and more recent concerns. Whether this is a difficult infection, or a sign of something that is problematic within your genitor urinary tract is hard to say without more information at this time. An OB/GYN is likely the best person to help you with all of this. In some cases, your OB/GYN may want to have you speak with someone who treats the more difficult cases, and may refer you to someone else for further assistance. Please speak with your doctor about this question, and feel better soon!

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