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"Could mucus on the roof of my mouth be cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersCould mucus on the roof of my mouth be cancer?


I have chest infections frequentely


Sorry to hear about this mucous on the roof of your mouth, but I am not quite sure what this could mean to be honest with you, and will require some additional information. I suggest discuss your concern with your doctor. Mucous is often the response that the body makes when there has been injury or other trauma to an area that is normally covered with mucosa. Of course, things such as cancer or other chronic problems where the skin and mucosa do not provide their usual high level of protection are also potential causes of increased mucous production. Much the same that a scab will form over the top of an injury to keratin forming skin, mucous will form if there is repeated trauma to a mucosal surface. You may notice that there is an increased growth or some tenderness in the area as well. With regards to your chest infections, I am also confused about how that would possibly play into a diagnosis of cancer of the roof of your mouth. Speaking with your doctor about your concerns will allow him or her to ask further questions and complete a physical exam, which should allow for improved diagnostic ability. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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