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"Why am I having brown urine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy am I having brown urine?


i have been feeling discomfort in my lower back and my stomach what could this be?


Discolored urine can be caused by a variety of issues. Brown urine should prompt an immediate visit to your doctor who can help you determine a cause and to get any necessary treatments, especially if you have not consumed certain types of foods or medications that cause your urine to become discolored. Such changes in urine color may be caused by certain serious health problems. For example, dark brown but clear urine is a sign of a liver disease (particularly cirrhosis or acute viral hepatitis) due to increased level of bilirubin (a product of the liver) in the urine. The urine may also appear darker when there is bleeding into the urine. It can be a result of kidney, ureter, or bladder problems. Blood turns brownish after it gets old. Old blood in urine can turn it a brown color. This old, left-over blood can come from bleeding in the kidney, ureter, or bladder as well as urinary tract. If your brown urine is also cloudy or milky, it is likely a sign of urinary tract infection. Blood in urine can be also caused by kidney stones that are usually accompanied by severe pain that starts in the back and radiates to the groin. There are numerous causes of bloody as well as discolored urine that can give it darker appearance. Please get in to see your doctor soon to be thoroughly evaluated, especially if your urine changes color that is not due to a food or medication for longer than a day or two, or you have repeated episodes.

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