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"Can being overweight make me infertile?"

ZocdocAnswersCan being overweight make me infertile?


hi i have a question i had before in 2009 an iud inserted after i had my csection, and removed in 2010 and my period became irregular, how can i get regular on my periods? in july 22,2013 had my last period and was supposed to get it on the 26 of august but didnt get it so im 3 days late, is there a chance of me being pregnant, im overweight, does that affect, can my overweight make me infertile?


You have asked many different questions and I recommend discussing your concerns with your doctor. This is something that usually has some sort of explanation that may be as simple as being overweight or may be more involved and require some sort of further intervention. It is usually something that requires being seen by a doctor to help you do what needs to be done, and you may need to have some tests completed. Next, regarding the chance of you being pregnant because you are late on your periods. Yes, there certainly could be a chance if a woman is late on her period and is sexually active and has no other reason not to become pregnant, it is possible that she could become pregnant. That is why you should speak with your doctor. Fortunately, there are both tests available over the counter and through your doctor that are effective and can answer the question about whether or not you are pregnant. Finally, your question about whether or not your weight affects your menstrual cycle. Being overweight is one common cause of changes to the menstrual cycle because of the changes to hormonal regulation. Again, please speak with your doctor about all your questions.

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